• Who said playing in sand was just for kids?


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    Launched in 2015 by a group of committed, dedicated, some-might-say-obsessive, beach volleyball players, Sussex Beach Volleyball Club exists to provide all members of the local community with the opportunity to participate in the wonderful world of beach volleyball in a rewarding, safe and sociable environment that emphasises fun, learning and friendship as well as teamwork and collaboration.


    Whether it's classes, courses, competitions, free play sessions or club socials you can guarantee that you'll be with like-minded people. Whether you're looking for a new hobby, new tribe, or simply another fitness fix, you will find someone on your wave length here.


    We strive to accommodate all members' interests and abilities while also creating a challenging environment that enables adult and junior members to reach their full potential.


    We are uncompromising in our desire for fairness and equality for all members and we maintain this through the highest standards of coaching and refereeing developed within and supported by the club and its members.

  • Where We Play

    Each of our venues are as important to us as the next but they are quite different - take a look...

    Yellowave Beach Sports Centre, Brighton

    Brighton's own piece of California

    Open since 2007, Yellowave has welcomed thousands of people onto its sand and as the biggest beach venue in Sussex we're very lucky to count it as one of our own. www.yellowave.co.uk

    Worthing Sand Courts, Worthing

    A hidden, sandy gem

    Built in 2010 from disused tennis courts and funded by Volleyball England and Adur and Worthing Counciil with huge support from Freda Bussey OBE, these courts are a great asset to our County. www.worthingsandcourts.co.uk

    Brighton Seafront Court, Brighton

    Take centre stage

    Known by locals as the "Pump Room" due to its location and the cafe right next door, the court is managed from April to September by Brighton Seafront Office a great place to feel the buzz of of Brighton's seafront.

  • What People Say...

    Want to know what other people say about Beach Volleyball? Read on below.

    Rob M

    Keeps me fit...

    "As a late starter in my 50s, finding beach volleyball has been fun and kept me fit. And this is down to the great coaching from people who play themselves!"

    Benjamin Taylor

    "As a complete beginner to beach volleyball my first experience was great fun and highly addictive".

  • FAQ

    Safe, reliable, and unique.

    How do you play beach volleyball?

    It may be a little twee but...

    ...here's a neat little summary...

    I'm over 40/injured/disabled/...can I play too?

    All for one and one for all...

    Whatever your situation we are sure you'll be able to play. If you're still uncertain drop us a line and we can chat it through with you.

    Where do you play?

    In the sand...any sand

    There are courts in Brighton and Worthing and more coming soon. Take a look at our venues page.

    I've never played before, how do I start?

    Dive in

    Contact Us for more information about our upcoming taster and beginner sessions. 

    Does it hurt?

    Generally, no.

    However, like anything you start doing there'll be something of a learning curve and beginners often feel the impact of the ball on their forearms after their first session. That said, if you love it as much as we hope you will it certainly isn't bad enough to put you off. Landing in the sand is a much softer landing than on a hard floor too!

    Is the club insured?


    Yes, our affiliation with Volleyball England ensures we have public liability insurance.

    If I have a problem, who do I contact?

    Email the team

  • Connect With Us

    Find out what we're up to, let us know what you're up to...and spread the word!



    Call Us on: 07900 198631